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Visa Services in Chandigarh, India

Tricity Travels is one of the best Visa Services company in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. We have a dedicated team of Visa experts who have a great experience in the industry. They can help you with all your visa related queries so that you can prepare your visa application in a better way. We are a legitimate travel company and we do not deal in fake documentations. We provide our customers right consultation, visa filing and visa application services to maximize the chances of their visa approval.

Our visa consultants will make sure that everything is done correctly. From proper documentation to visa processing, we offer all the essential services to our customers. We are specialized in student visas to New Zealand and Australia.

Since we house a team of visa professional who have 100% track record, we are proud of providing the best-in-class services to our customers. Unlike other visa consulting firms, we don’t believe in deceiving people by making false commitments. We analyze each case thoroughly and provide the best visa consultation.


Our Visa Services in Chandigarh and Punjab

Take a look at our visa services:

Visa Consultation

We provide professional visa consultation services across Chandigarh and Punjab. Our visa consultants provide the counselling for all types of visa in order to ensure that our clients apply in a right way. Tricity Travels brings an efficient and appropriate method of processing Visa to different countries including USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and UAE.


Visa Consultants in ChandigarhVisa Form Filing

We also provide online visa form filing services for all the countries. Here are the major visa forms that we deal with:

  • USA Visa Form DS-160
  • Canada Visa Forms: IMM 5528, IMM 5257, IMM0008 form
  • New Zealand Visa Forms: INZ 1189, INZ 1012, INZ 1017, INZ 1198, INZ 1146, INZ 1178, INZ 1015,
  • Australia Visa Forms: Form 1418, Form1419, Form 956, Form 456, Form 1221, Form 80
  • UK Visa Forms


Visa Application

We at Tricity Travels, prepare the visa file of the customer and make sure that it complies with the embassy requirements maximizing visa approval chances. We guide through the applicants and help them making a compelling visa application file. Our aim is to assist people who want go abroad to fulfill their dreams.


Visa for Different Countries from India

  • United States of America (USA) Visa
  • United Kingdom (UK) Visa
  • Australia Visa
  • Canada Visa
  • New Zealand Visa
  • Schengen Visa for Europe


Types of Visa


Student Visa Service in Chandigarh, PunjabStudent Visa

We provide guaranteed student visa for New Zealand. In addition to this, we provide student visa for other countries as well. So whether you want to study in Australia, UK, Canada or USA, Tricity Travels will help you through entire process of visa application. Our Visa experts know the latest requirements and guidelines laid by embassies and this enables them to provide the right guidance to students for applying visa to any country.

Business Visa Expert in ChandigarhBusiness Visa

If you are an entrepreneur and wants to apply for a business visa, Tricity Travels’ business visa consultants can help you with the entire visa application and processing. Here are the business visas that we cater to:

  • USA Business Visa
  • UK Business Visa
  • Australia Business Visa
  • Canadian Business Visa
  • China Business Visa
  • Business Visa for Schengen Countries


Tourist Visa Services in ChandigarhVisitor/Tourist Visa

If you are travelling to foreign country temporarily for business and non-business purpose, medical treatment, honeymoon and pleasure, a visitor/tourist visa is to be obtained from embassy. The time period of tourist visa vary from 3 to 12 months. We deal with following tourist visa:

  • US Tourist Visa
  • UK Tourist Visa
  • Canada Tourist Visa
  • Australian tourist visa
  • Italy Tourist Visa
  • China Tourist Visa
  • France Tourist Visa
  • Dubai Tourist Visa


These are the primary visitor visas that we provide. If you want visitor visa for any other country, we can help you with that too.


Family Visa Service inChandigarhOther Visas

In addition to above mentioned visas, we also provide assistance in regards to following visa types for all the countries:

  • Spouse Visa
  • Family Visa
  • Visa for Religious Worker
  • Group Visa
  • Airport Transit Visa 

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