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If you were thinking that the winters in Chandigarh are gone, then after seeing yesterday’s rainfall and hailstorm, I am sure your misunderstanding must have gone by now.

From past 2-3 days the temperature in Chandigarh Tricity was low but not as much it should be in the month of January.

Following are some interesting images and videos that show the beauty of Chandigarh on 6th January, 2017:

Picture #1Chandigarh Rain and Snow Hailstorm 2017

Picture #2

Chandigarh Rain January 2017

Picture #3_cb1c84a6-d4a8-11e6-a877-a82e4b02bda2

Picture #4411x514x15826412_793723487433809_680113345928415947_n-jpg-pagespeed-ic-t-fsqo-zpl

Picture #5514x514x15871934_992378080868709_1490365346943737530_n-jpg-pagespeed-ic-y7jceleisg

Video Showing Chandigarh’s Rain and Hailstorm on 6th Jan, 2017

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